Church Point Ferry Timetable

Monday to Friday (normal work days) Ferry Departs Church Point goes to Scotland Islandsí Bell Wharf and others depending on the run which includes Halls Wharf (Youth Hostel) Lovett Bay and Elvina Bay. Call 9999 3492 or 0408 296 997 for details. The round trip takes approximately 30-45minutes.

Departure times: 6.40am 7.05am 7.35am 7.40am 7.50am 8.15am 8.25am (School Ferry to Newport) 8.50am 9.35am 10.30am 11.30am 12.30pm 1.30pm 2.20pm 3.20pm 4.10pm 4.40pm 5.30pm 6.00pm 6.30pm 7.15pm.

Weekends and Public Holidays

Departs church Point from 8,30am to 6.30pm every hour.